Show Your Work to People Outside of Your Main Speciality and Open Up New Opportunities! Meet One-on-One with Hard to Meet Industry Influencers Present Your Work and Receive Valuable, Honest Feedback and Critique We Offer Over 1700 Portfolio Reviews With Top Industry Professionals
Show Your Work to People Outside of Your Main Speciality and Open Up New Opportunities!

Show Your Work to People Outside of Your Main Speciality and Open Up New Opportunities!

Meet One-on-One with Hard to Meet Industry Influencers

Meet One-on-One with Hard to Meet Industry Influencers

Present Your Work and Receive Valuable, Honest Feedback and Critique

Present Your Work and Receive Valuable, Honest Feedback and Critique

We Offer Over 1700 Portfolio Reviews With Top Industry Professionals

We Offer Over 1700 Portfolio Reviews With Top Industry Professionals

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Jacob Javits Convention Center, New York City

We will update this site on May 10th! Please check back then.


Next year we’ll be adding a MOTION component – as well as a special day dedicated exclusively to photographers just turning pro! Yes – We’re Listening!



Galleries • Museums • Advertising Agency Creatives • Book Publishers • Magazine Photo Editors • Art Directors • Photographer’s Reps • Stock Agencies • Photo Agencies • Educators and other influencers.

Who should attend the Official Portfolio Reviews at PhotoPlus Expo?

Our review faculty are in positions to give assignments to full-time working editorial and advertising professionals with fully focused portfolios, see tightly edited proposals for book publication or exhibit the work of professional fine art photographers who have museum / gallery ready exhibitions to present. We also have professional portfolio consultants who can give career direction and presentation advice to working pros. Photographers with a wide variety of work displayed on their sites are usually not sufficiently specialized and the success of a meeting in our program depends on showing a focused, compelling and memorable body of work and not a general portfolio.

What are we looking for?

Why attend the Official Portfolio Reviews at PhotoPlus Expo?

The Official Portfolio Review Program at PhotoPlus Expo is the largest and most comprehensive portfolio review program for professional and emerging professional photographers in the United States, featuring over 175 influential professionals from both the commercial and fine art realms of contemporary photography.

Unlike other review events, that have an unfortunate first-come, first-served policy, ( if you register later than others, you miss out), the Official Portfolio Review program at PhotoPlus Expo allows all approved registrants to CHOOSE the reviewers of their choice until our deadline of October 11th or when the program is sold out, whichever is sooner. We’ll offer close to 1800 reviews!

FACE TO FACE meetings can change careers!


Whether or not you live in NYC, you know how impossible it is to see the people who can give you jobs. Sure your rep should be able to get your book to the right people but the value of sitting with those people in a face-to-face meeting is immeasurable. You can see 5, 10, 15 or more of those influencers while visiting PhotoPlus Expo. The Official Portfolio Review at PhotoPlus Expo is the number one review program for professionals in NYC.


If you’re a very serious and accomplished fine-art photographer, you can now bring your museum / gallery ready body of work to the attention of museum curators, gallery directors, book publishers and others who you would not normally find accessible in our program.

Every approved registrant for the Official Portfolio Review Program receives FREE admission to PhotoPlus Expo! Have your work reviewed and spend a day or two checking out all the latest gear from hundreds of exhibitors as well as attend your choices of over 100 important seminars at PhotoPlus, the largest photography trade show event in the country.

Following are several ways to sort our list of reviewers. Please check back frequently – we update these lists daily.

Click Reviewers to see Portfolio Reviewers.

Click Reviewers by Profession to see Portfolio Reviewers sorted by their profession.

Click Available Review Appointments to see provisional schedules for our reviewers to help you plan your appointments.

Click Reviewer Biographies to read about each of our reviewers.

Click Companies Represented to see a list of companies represented in our review program.


Nothing is more important than face-to-face meetings in a time when arranging to meet the people that could change your career can be next to impossible. Attending our Portfolio Review program represents an incredible opportunity to obtain valued feedback and critiques as well as the possibility of new assignments and relationships.

If you don’t live there, don’t miss out! Plan your trip to New York City and spend three days meeting a huge cross-section of potential clients that you need to know. This event represents a fabulous opportunity to meet and present your work for critique and receive the advice of many of the the industry’s top professionals. If you’ve been considering coming to New York to show your work, this is your opportunity! Attendees can choose up to 30 reviews to maximize the benefits of showing work to such a concentration of potential clients / representatives in both the commercial and fine art arenas. An attendee could easily take 6 or 7 reviews in each block of each day if desired. Then – enjoy visiting hundreds of exhibitors and seeing thousands of new products!


This event is for professional and emerging commercial photographers as well as serious emerging or seasoned fine art photographers who can show a focused, compelling and memorable body of work and not a general portfolio. If you feel you this may not fit, you are invited to contact us to discuss. We will consult websites beginning September 15 to verify status. Registrants not approved will receive 100% refunds. We do our upmost to correctly and evenly align photographers with our reviewers. It is essential for both that we succeed.

Note: If you have an extremely arcane or unusual specialty, please call us before registering so we can discuss potentially appropriate reviewers with you.


Cost: $275 for 5 reviews.

Discounts: 10% for 10 or more reviews until October 10th. Discounts may not be combinable with other association offers.

Disclaimer: Reviewers participating in the Official Portfolio Review Program at PhotoPlus Expo are NOT paid for their participation. As a thank you, we offer each an expo pass, an invitations to our PhotoPlus Expo seminars and they are invited to our big bash each year. They review work in our program because of the high-quality of the portfolios presented, first and foremost – the best reason. We feel strongly that it would be inappropriate for photographers to be essentially paying reviewers to see their work. We align industry influencers who open a controlled window in their busy schedules for fact-to-face meetings with emerging and professional photographers who receive a free trade show pass with their registration.

Other events piggy-back on the PhotoPlus dates, but there is only one Official Portfolio Review Program at Photoplus Expo. Before attending other events, inquire if reviewers are compensated for their time. This is essential information you should know.

A few Reviewer’s Comments

“You guys are good!!” – :-)

“Thanks so much for a well organised and all in all very positive event.- Chris”

“I saw some very good work, and look forward to following up with the artists, and to participating again next year. My compliments for a seamlessly run, well vetted event. ” – June

“I went to my first portfolio review at PDN Expo this year. I researched the reviewers carefully before I went. Saw 10 people. I got excellent constructive feedback. I was very happy with my investment in time and money. It was a great way to see several quality reviewers in a short amount of time. I plan to go back next year.” – James

From Dan’s Blog:

“It would have taken me a year, and a lot of time and expense to schedule the same number of meetings, providing of course it were even possible. And in that time I would not be able to develop as quick or complete a consensus on what was working best or least with the audience. Additionally, I would rather devote my energies to being a photographer and not a marketer. Allotting one week for a concentrated marketing/interaction made sense, and going forward allows me to use my time more wisely and productively. There’s really no substitute for a face-to-face meeting. I believe both reviewer and photographer learned as much from what was spoken and was not. Seeing someone’s expression as they look at each photo in the portfolio, and which photos elicited comments was valuable. Personally, I found the events energizing ” – Dan

“It was really well done and thank you for that. I was impressed with the quality of the photographers and their professionalism. ” – Jamie

A few Photographer’s comments:

“I wanted to let you know that I had a very positive experience. I was completely accommodated — every reviewer in every requested slot. All reviewers were as advertised. Your descriptions allowed me to make relevant selections. Most reviewers liked what they saw and requested further communication — which could really be beneficial.” – Nicholas

“Enjoyed the reviews very much. It had a good pace and all my meetings were very valuable. Will try and make it out to Palm Springs next year” – Winnie

“I had a wonderful experience and your staff was amazing. I have a stack of business cards and editors who want to develop a relationship.” – Alex

“Portfolio reviews were great! Thanks for all of your and your team mate’s hard work and resilience.” – Tony

“I just wanted to extend my gratitude for all of the work and (what must have been) painstaking organization that went into the portfolio reviews held at the Javitz Center last weekend. I showed my portfolio to five reviewers and found the experience to be exponentially more valuable than I had ever expected. I thank you all so much for the opportunity to personally connect with industry professionals I’ve been trying to meet with for years.” – Adam

“I really enjoyed the process of reviewing portfolios, you organized it very well so my time was well spent. I thought my group of photographers was varied and a good fit-they all seemed to understand what my particular experience would bring to the discussion.” – Francesca

“I had a wonderfully diverse group of skilled photographers today whose work I had the pleasure to view.” – Susan

“The reviews went very well. I had some wonderful conversations with the photographers and plan to stay in touch with a couple of them for future projects.” – Michael

“Thank you again so much for running this event! I must say it was one of the most fruitful reviews I have attended in terms of the reviewers I had managed to show my work to and connect with, and it was also the most organized and well run review that I have had the pleasure to participate in…” – Mimi

“I really enjoyed doing the reviews and would be happy to participate again! It was great to see so much work. It was a really well organized event! ” – Kaia

“Thank you for including me in the Portfolio Review Program. I really enjoyed participating and I feel that the photographers I met with enjoyed the process and event.” – Jodi

“…It’s the world’s greatest job fair for professional photographers in the only city that could possibly host such an event.”

“…not only did I see eight of the most difficult to reach editors and art buyers, I loved being at PhotoPlus Expo and checking out all the new gear…”

David Griffin on Portfolio Reviews

A Primer on Portfolio Reviews by Mary Virginia Swanson

Advice on Planning your reviews by Jeff Dunas

The Official Portfolio Review Program at PhotoPlus Expo is generously supported by ASMP & BLURB.

For further information, contact PSPF at or 1-800 928-8314.

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